How to create Transparency and Structure at the Construction Site.

Confined spaces and a lot of activity are the trademarks of a typical Construction site.

Naturally the Site Manager and his team are all concerned about the progress of the construction activities and less concerned about the documentation of the construction activities.

I arrive at the site and initially I get to know the Construction by working with the documents at the site.

Through my contact I get to know the Site Managers team, the Employer, his Consultant and the Subcontractors.

I arrive with safety boots and a computer.

In other words, I have a desk at the construction site and I work along with the Site Managers team. This is the targeted and focused way to create and maintain:

  • Time schedule
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Interim Certificates
  • Claims and summary of claims
  • Negotiations with Subcontractors
  • Participate in meetings with the Employer
  • Draft of Quality Plan
  • Draft of Plan for Working Environment
  • Progress reports with status and forecasts
  • Plans for communication with stakeholders, for handling of environment etc.

My strength is to be located at the site and being in contact with the Site Managers team.

I work with the assignments until the transparency and documentation called for is established. From that point on I might not be at the site on a daily basis.

I am aware that I represent the Contractor and I work in harmony with the values that the Contractor likes to be known for.

The CEO of Norisol, Ole Sander, requested me to take over and complete the works at Absalon under Norisol´s contract. Absalon will be a campus for scientific subjects. Taken the vicinity of Novo into account, this makes perfect sense. Norisol’s contract included the closing of the structure by means of aluminum facades and roofing.

My role was:

  • To convey meetings with the foremen in order to obtain a mutual understanding of status and progress
  • Point of contact to the Employer
  • Execute and follow up prognoses, time and money
  • Follow up on the subcontractors to Norisol
  • Ensure that Quality Assurance documentation was made to the expectations of the Employer
  • Complete negotiations about works outside the contract.

The contract was concluded on time without significant deficiencies.

Orden i penalhuset

Panum Building Copenhagen

Bladt Industries (Senior Project Manager Ole R. Petersen) was responsible for the construction and mounting of the elevated pedestrian path round the building.

My role was:

  • Collect and structure documentation for additional works
  • Create interim certificates and have them approved
  • Make progress reports for the Contractors financial department
  • Create overview

Participate as the Contractors representative towards the Employer

DONG (Orsted) Power Plant, Avedøre

Bladt Industries (Department Manager Søren Nielsen) was responsible for the contract with Orsted. The purpose of the contract was to make the Power Plant ready to use bio material as fuel as oppose to coal and oil.

The Bio material is explosive so in order to limit the damage to the concrete bins (if an explosion would occur) we installed a frame with explosion panels and lifted the frame into a whole that we had made in the bin.

This we did at four bins.

I played an administrative role which entailed:

  • Creating and updating the time schedule
  • Keeping track of additional works in relation to subcontractors on the one hand and the Employer on the other hand.
  • Quantity surveying and monthly interim certificate
  • Financial prognoses for the contact

Orden i penalhuset

Panum Building Copenhagen

Züblin (Managing Director Erling K. Jepsen) was responsible for the concrete works of this building.

Sliding formwork was used to create 3 towers with 13 storeys.

The Employer was the Government and he managed the construction activities through supervision notes issued by his Consultant.

It was necessary to engage a person to keep track of the supervision notes. The supervision notes would call for action.

My role was:

  • To register supervision notes
  • To find the responsible at the Site Managers team and to go through the action called for
  • Level this with the Consultant
  • Follow the implementation of the agreed action
  • Follow up on the status of all supervision notes and make sure that the process was “Alive and Driving”

The role called for diplomacy, structure and technical skills.